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Data Security

JFL helps protect your and your client’s confidential information and communications using leading-edge technology.

The firm’s email is hosted by ProtonMail, a service that provides zero-access encryption, which means that not even ProtonMail can decrypt and read (or disclose) the emails JFL sends or receives. And by using a unique encryption key provided by JFL, emails exchanged with JFL can be encrypted from end to end, meaning they can’t be intercepted and read in transit.

JFL is paperless and stores all client files (and all firm data) using the secure cloud-based service Tresorit. Like ProtonMail does for emails, Tresorit provides zero-access encryption and end-to-end encryption for data files. No more attaching sensitive documents to emails or using insecure FTP or file-transfer services: Tresorit allows JFL to send “Share Links” and “File Requests” to safely send and receive files as large as 5 GB.