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Phone: (206) 350-1066 Fax: (206) 350-1120 415 1st Avenue N No. 9466 Seattle, Washington 98109
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Jacob Freeman Law, your local counsel in Seattle, Washington

Jacob Freeman Law helps out-of-state litigators and their clients succeed in the state and federal courts in Seattle and the rest of western Washington, including:

  • State courts:
    • King County (Seattle and Bellevue)
    • Pierce County (Tacoma)
    • Snohomish County (Everett)
    • Thurston County (Olympia), and others
  • Federal courts:
    • Western District of Washington (W.D. Wash.), including both the District Court and the Bankruptcy Court
    • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

JFL represents individuals, businesses, and classes, as plaintiffs or defendants, in commercial, intellectual property, and other complex civil litigation, including adversary proceedings in bankruptcy matters.

Hourly rate

$225 per hour

Pro hac vice rules and fees

State court

Local counsel is required in Washington State courts. Per the Washington State Admission and Practice Rules, an attorney not admitted to the Washington State bar may appear in an action or proceeding in state court only in association with local counsel admitted to the bar, “who shall be the lawyer of record therein, responsible for the conduct thereof, and present at proceedings unless excused by the court or tribunal.” APR 8(b).

$478 fee payable to Washington State Bar Association

WSBA pro hac vice website: <>

Federal court

Per the Western District of Washington’s Local Civil Rules, an attorney not admitted to the Western District bar may appear in a civil action or proceeding in the District only in association with local counsel admitted to the bar, who “must review and sign all motions and other filings, ensure that all filings comply with all local rules of” the Western District. LCR 83.1(d).

$238 fee payable to U.S. Courts

W.D. Wash. pro hac vice website: <>

Jacob P. Freeman
Local counsel with national experience Jacob P. Freeman
Jacob P. Freeman
I’m here to help you win in Seattle and the rest of western Washington. Today, I live and work in Seattle, not far from where I grew up: I’m from here. But I received my legal education and training out east: Harvard Law School (where I was on the Law Review), followed by a federal appellate clerkship in Boston, then six years of practice as a litigator in New York. Click for more about Jacob